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The Basics of Digital Images
This document explains and illustrates digital images, image types, resolution, color, and other important concepts.

Glossary of Digital Imaging Terms
This document defines various terms and concepts used in digital imaging.

Better Prints.pdf
Tips for Making Better Prints
This document describes a number of techniques for improving the quality of prints made on inkjet or other printers.

Scanners and How to Use Them
This document is an advanced tutorial on scanning images with Picture Window.

Image Resizing and Resampling Techniques
This document is an advanced tutorial on resizing images with Picture Window.

Using Picture Window for Astrophotography
Several common situations that come up in astrophotography are addressed in this document:

  • Combining two or more exposures to obtain a single image equivalent to one long exposure.
  • Combining black and white photos taken through red, green, and blue filters to produce a color image.
  • Using a short exposure image to bring out highlight detail washed out in a long exposure image (e.g. in a photo of a globular cluster).
  • Creating a mosaic from two or more overlapping images.


Extending Film Dynamic Range.pdf
Extending the Dynamic Range of Film
This document describes how to combine an underexposed and an overexposed image of the same subject to create an image with extended dynamic range.

Velvia vs Provia 100F.pdf
Velvia vs. Provia 100F -- A Digital Perspective
This document describes the results of tests comparing scanned images from these two films for resolving power, smooth rendition of blue skies, color rendition and exposure latitude.