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Picture Window 8 Officially Released

Picture Window Pro 8 is now officially released. The current version is available via the Downloads page. If you encounter problems, please report them via the forum or email

Picture Window Pro 8 is a complete rewrite of the now discontinued Picture Window Pro 7. It features non-destructive image editing via a novel interface based on an image tree. It also fully supports large, high resolution monitors and can be used in a dual-monitor configuration to increase the available screen real estate. Other new features are too numerous to mention. Version 8 may use considerably more memory than version 7, so it may not be appropriate for older computers with limited RAM.

Unlike previous versions of Picture Window, version 8 is free for personal or commercial use, but please do not redistribute the program yourself. To help offset ongoing costs of development and maintaining the web site, I have added a PayPal Donate button to the Downloads page. The suggested donation is $25, but feel free to donate whatever amount you like.

The latest discontinued version of Picture Window 7.20 is still available from the Downloads page -- it is free and does not require a serial number to run.

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