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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to uninstall Picture Window Pro 7 before installing Picture Window Pro 8?

No, the installations are independent and the programs can run side by side.

I get a warning during installation about a missing file: MSVCP140.dll.

Click on this link Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable DLLs to download the missing file from Microsoft. You only need to do this once.

Can I use Picture Window on a Mac or under Linux?

Picture Window is designed for Microsoft Windows. The only way to run it on a Mac is by using a Windows emulator such as Parallels or VMware, however when Apple introduces new Macs that use an ARM processor, this will probably be less efficient.

Picture Window can be run under Linux if you use a 64-bit Windows emulator such as Wine. Wine is included in many Linux distros or it can be installed separately.

Is Picture Window available in languages other than English?

Unfortunately Picture Window is only available in English. It does however automatically adjust itself according to the current locale with regard to decimal points, thousands separators and time and date formats. It also supports metric units.

How do I know what version of Picture Window I have and if it is the latest?

The current version number is displayed in the title bar of the program and also when you issue the Help/About Picture Window Pro... command.
To see if there is an update available, use the Help/Check for Update... command.

I am using Windows 7 and Picture Window Pro cannot open TIFF or JPEG files.

Picture Window Pro uses WIC (Windows Imaging Component) to read certain image file types, including TIFF and JPEG. WIC was unavailable when Windows 7 was originally released, but it was added and extended by various Microsoft system updates over the years. Make sure you have the latest Windows 7 updates by opening the Windows Control Panel via the Start Menu, selecting Windows Update from the list of Control Panel applications, and clicking the Check for Updates button.

I am getting a new computer or upgrading and old one -- what features should I look for to make Picture Window run efficiently?

In order of importance:

More RAM, especially if you work on large image files
More processor cores -- most operations in Picture Window make use of multiple cores
Large, fast disk drives -- images are large and loading and saving them quickly helps

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