Picture Window Pro 8 and linux

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Picture Window Pro 8 and linux

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Just in case anyone wondered, the new Picture window 8 works great with linux. It is so quick and all transformation I have tested works great. The new “Quick Pick” gives a very quick workflow. Thumbs up.

I installed it like this.

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winetricks vcrun2019
wine msiexec /i Picture\ Window\ Pro.msi

The opening/saving images file browser is the only thing that is frustrating on my Ubuntu box. I can drag and drop from Nautilus filemanager instead. On my other lubuntu laptop, the open/save dialogs works much better.
It also helps to add folders to “Favorties” in Picture Windows.

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cd ~/.wine/drive_c/users/`whoami`/Favorites
ln -s  ~/Downloads
Starting is as simple as hitting windows key and typing picture :-)
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Re: Picture Window Pro 8 and linux

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Thanks for your post.
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