Update Available - Version 8.0.4

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Update Available - Version 8.0.4

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An update is available to Version 8.0.4 (25-Oct-2019)

The changes (taken from the update log) are:

Levels and Color: fixed problem causing result image not to be computed correctly if no settings are changed and you just click OK.

Fixed problems with smoothed histogram display.

Compare transformation: fixed problem with A/B label not changing during Blink operation.

Modified keyboard shortcuts: Numeric keypad + and – now zoom the current image in or out. If the screen is split, just the right half is zoomed. Numeric keypad * toggles between zoom to 1:1 and zoom to fit. Shift +, – or * zoom the left half of a split screen display. Del closes the current image (with confirmation).

Precise Gaussian Blur: radius values are now consistent with Gaussian Blur. Existing scripts should still work as before.

Advanced Sharpen: inverted the difference preview.

Layout: setting Proportions to Fit in Panel now resets the cropping rectangle for the current panel, if any.
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