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Profile Mechanic - Scanner

Profile Mechanic - Scanner lets you calibrate scanners and cameras to achieve accurate, repeatable color and improved tonal reproduction with your digital images, giving you predictable results every time. Calibrating your digital camera also allows you to accurately reproduce scene colors, essential in product photography. PM - Scanner works with industry standard targets, allowing you to acquire targets to support all your devices now and in the future.

Profile Mechanic - Scanner is now integrated with Picture Window Pro. A download is available here.

  • Produces standard ICC profiles for cameras and scanners
  • Non-proprietary. Supports industry-standard target layouts:
    • - IT8 (Reflective & Transparency)
    • - HCT (Reflective & Transparency)
    • - Macbeth ColorChecker
    • - Macbeth ColorCheckerSG
    • - Macbeth ColorCheckerDC
  • Detects non-uniform illumination (HCT & ColorChecker DC targets)
  • 48-bit for greater accuracy
  • Provides detailed log showing device performance
  • Plots device gamut and response curves.
  • In-depth documentation

  • Scanner/Camera: RGB reflective and film scanners and cameras.
    (CMYK scanners are not supported.)

    Calibration Targets

    One good source of moderately-priced quality IT-8 targets is the German target producer Wolf Faust. He offers targets designed for flatbed scanners, digital cameras and 35mm slide scanners. The slide targets are available on a variety of slide film emulsions to better match the characteristics of the actual slides you are scanning.
    Profile Mechanic Scanner
    Gamut Display

    Profile Mechanic Scanner
    RGB Response Curves Display