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Frame Explorer 1.0

Select the perfect frame, everytime. . . Create high-impact picture frame designs on your PC for your photographs and artwork.

Frame Explorer is now integrated with Picture Window Pro. A 30 day trial copy is available here.

  • Choose frame styles and colors.
  • Use single, double or triple matting or no matting at all.
  • Choose mat textures and colors, beveled or square-cut.
  • Explore different mat and frame dimensions
  • View the finished product against the wall color and under simulated display lighting
  • Print the final image and a bill of materials showing dimensions of all components

Using Frame Explorer

Creating an effective framing design can be surprisingly hard. There are so many decisions to make -- the frame, the number of mats, their widths, colors and textures. And it is so hard to visualize the final product or see the effect of changes until the finished frame is delivered.

Frame Explorer revolutionizes the manual selection process. Now you can throw away those mat corners and stop fiddling trying to hold multiple pieces against each other. With Frame Explorer, you display the actual image you want to frame on your PC. Then select mat and frame sizes, colors, and textures and view them realistically against the actual background wall color where you will hang the frame. You can even approximate display lighting conditions. You can choose single, double, or triple matting, square or beveled edges, and rectangular or oval openings as well as different frame widths and profiles. You can quickly and easily explore myriads of options to develop the most effective framing design for your image. When you are happy with your choices you can print the overall design for reference. Frame Explorer also prepares a table listing all the materials and their dimensions.

Frame Explorer is fully color managed. On calibrated monitors, it automatically displays the image and all materials in the monitor's color space, for maximum color fidelity.

In short, Frame Explorer takes the guesswork out of framing your photographs. It lets you experiment with unconventional combinations and achieve high-impact framing designs.