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Download and Installation Instructions:
Download the appropriate compressed file for your system (PC or Mac) by clicking on one of the links below. This will download a zip (PC) or a dmg (Mac) file to your computer. Instructions for installing the plug-in are shown below.

  Color Mechanic Pro v 2.1
Includes 32 and 64 bit versions of the plug-in, license, and readme file.
  Color Mechanic Pro v 2.0
Includes the plug-in, license, and readme file.
  User Reference Manual  (for Windows and Mac)
Sample Images from user manual examples.

To install Color Mechanic:
  • Open the downloaded file. The zip (PC) or dmg (Mac) file contains the license agreement, a readme file and the plug-in file.
  • Locate your Photoshop Plugins/Filters folder in your file system. (If you have an older version of Color Mechanic, delete it from the folder to avoid confusion and interference between the old and new versions.)
  • Copy the Color Mechanic plug-in file to the Filters subfolder of your Photoshop Plug-Ins folder.
  • Start Photoshop or other host program.
  • Open an image and run Color Mechanic by selecting Filter/Digital Light & Color/Color Mechanic... command from the main menu.

Note: Until you enter a valid serial number, Color Mechanic runs in evaluation mode and you will not be able to save your results.