This app is incredible ;)

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This app is incredible ;)

Post by kodebral »

It lets to plan my shots so I know what to expect.
But I have noticed sth strange.
When I choose focal length and distance that produce 1:1 magnification, the FoV is 7.2x4.8 instead of 3.6x2.4

I think It would be much faster if there was a possibility to enter some values not only by using scroll bar. I mean distance - it takes long time to change from small values to longer. The distance value that is displayed on top could be an input field not only a info field.
Also the distance scale is now automatic - there is no way to freeze it or to enter min and max values. Auto is ok in most cases, but to analyze impact of some changes it would work better if it could be frozen.

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Re: This app is incredible ;)

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The DOF equations break down when you get near macro distances which is why there is a separate macro mode.

Thanks for the suggestions.
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