Bug in Warp Widget

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Bug in Warp Widget

Post by tomczak »

I'm pretty sure there is something wrong with the Warp widget, but it manifests itself in a few ways (scrambled preview, automatically changed scale coefficient of several thousands to 1, magically inserted 999 grid lines, spooky...), and I don't quite know how to replicate it consistently.

Could someone do us all a favour and try to process a few images with a workflow (maybe mix of horizontal and verticals), in which a Warp widget is set with break point. Train the workflow on the first image, but do some Warping in the Warp widget, then run the workflow. When the next image gets processed, and the Warp control opens, do you see any strange issues that I've seen?

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Re: Bug in Warp Widget

Post by ksinkel »

There is apparently a problem in this widget in workflow. Thanks you for your report.

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