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Laptop and external monitor

Posted: February 4th, 2013, 10:00 am
by Dieter Mayr
Actual I run 2 computers, a pc at home for work and main photo editing, and a laptop when being outside, but a new computer is on the agenda in the next months.
A actual laptop would have more then enough power to suit my needs for both my work and my photograpy editing, so I plan to have it as my only computer.
But i want to keep my monitor, it's much more convinient to work on a 23" monitor either for work or for photo editing then on a 17" laptop monitor.
So I thought I will calibrate both my laptop monitor and my big monitor, and as I only work at one at a time, to switch the CLUT with the loader and load the actual monitor profile in PWP.
Is this a way to go in this situation ? Or does anyone have other ideas ?
If i could get PMM run under WIN7-64 I would like to stay with it, if not it would need to be a new calibration solution, anyway.