Profile Mechanic Camera

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Profile Mechanic Camera

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I'm trying to understand the function of the Profile Mechanic. I have 2 Canon digital cameras a 5D and a 30D, on my job we use the 40D. One of the problems I've encountered, is that the colors on the back of the LCD preview are not allways very accurate, so I mostly rely on the Histogram. When you say this software will allow me to calibrate my camera , do you mean that the LCD on the back of my cameras will now display accurate colors ?

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Re: Profile Mechanic Camera

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No, there is no way to change what the LCD displays.

Profiling works by photographing a special target that contains patches of known colors. A profile is then generated that maps the observed colors to their correct values. The profile can then be used to correct subsequent photos. For digital cameras this primarily works best under controlled lighting conditions since the spectral qualities of the lighting affect the way colors are rendered, so it is mostly useful for studio work or in consistent daylight conditions.
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