Switching between LUTs

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Switching between LUTs

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I borrowed XRite i1 profiler and made two monitor profiles: one with D65 and the other 'Native', which I understand will be the temperature of backlight, likely much higher than 6500K. Each produces corresponding LUT. At the end of profiling, the i1 also loads the LUT matching the last profile, and makes this profile Windows Default (which, I take it, PWP ignores since it allows to specify the monitor profile from within the programme). But it still needs LUTs, right? Otherwise the profiles are not valid.

I can switch the Monitor profile in PWP, but how do I switch/load the proper LUT corresponding to the profile?

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Re: Switching between LUTs

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PM-M stores the pathname of the monitor profile in the registry when you save the profile. This is the one that CLUT Loader will load on startup. To reset this registry setting you need to run PM-M again.
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