wide gamut monitor profiling

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wide gamut monitor profiling

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Is the Profile Mechanic Monitor capable of profiling a wide gamut monitor? I recently purchased a Dell U2410 monitor. It is capable of displaying pretty much all of the adobe RGB gamut..I'd like to be able to profile it for Adobe RGB.

I have a second question: It also has an sRGB emulation mode, which is what I've used for profiling so far..but it seems to be really finicky compared to profiling my old CRT. I think it may have something to do with reflected light, as it seems more successful if I turn the room lighting right down. I've only managed to get it to successfully complete the profiling about twice out of 7 or 8 tries.



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Re: wide gamut monitor profiling

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PM-M determines the gamut of the monitor and lets you map any color space to that monitor so there is nothing special you need to do for Adobe RGB.

Ambient light can be a problem - profiling in a dark room or with a dark cloth over the monitor and sensor can be helpful.
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