General Technique for Faster Previews

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General Technique for Faster Previews

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This is taken from this post re. Zoom Blur, but it works as a general technique for speeding up adjustments/previews of computationally-intensive transformations.

  • Insert Crop Transfomation just before the one that you want to speed up. In Crop, substantially downsample the image and/or crop to the area that you want to preview. This is all temporary and done solely to speed up the preview of the next transformation
  • Make adjustments as appropriate in the transformation following the crop. As the transformation uses the output of the Crop which is smaller, the image is faster to adjust and to display the preview of the output
  • Once you're happy with the preview, right-click on white circle in the left upper corner of the Crop - that will turn off the Crop, keep the focus (and thus preview) on the transformation you are working on and process the full size image as intended, albeit slower
Note: this technique will not work with masks, as the mask and the image sizes must match, and they won't if you termprarily crop/downsize the image.
Maciej Tomczak

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