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PWP 8 and two or more raw development programs

Posted: June 5th, 2019, 6:16 pm
by Charles2
Sometimes I develop a raw file in two programs, like Raw Therapee and Silkypix. I'll choose one to begin processing in PWP 8, but there may be something I like about the tones and colors from the other program. Solution: open both start images in PWP 8. Use an appropriate transformation on the stack of transformations built on the chosen base file -- Selective Color Correction, a tone curve, etc. Probe a point in the other image, probe the same place in the current image, and move the saturation or tone or whtaever of the latter toward the former.

For example, here the sky in the chosen start is too magenta, while the cyan of the alternate is a nice treatment, although overdone. So from window 2 to window 3, a Selective Color Correction, I probed the sky in the alternate, probed the same point in the working image, and vectored the latter toward the former.