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Re: Switch to Mac

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I also apologize for being away from this thread for so long.

Your location 5 looks promising. My sense is that the Wine app does not "know" how to look at the Mac system for information, but looks at its own simulated windows environment. But I have not been able to study Wine any more. I believe the Wine PWP is looking in the Windows location but we have to figure out how to populate that location with the profiles. Perhaps this can only be done when the app is "bottled" in Wine? Again, these are speculations unencumbered by any real knowledge of Wine :(

Is there a location \Users\ichavel\Library\Application Support\Wine\prefixes\My Wine App\drive_c\Windows\system32\spool\... ?, or can it be created? This might be the bridge that is needed. If created, file permissions may become an issue.

I unfortunately do not have time to try this right now.

As for the Parallels issue: Are you downloading the Windows version of PWP from within your Windows virtual machine? This is how I use Parallels and PWP on the Mac.

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Re: Switch to Mac

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If you are running Parallels or another Windows emulator on you Mac, you essentially have a Windows machine. In that case you should download and install the Windows version of PWP, not the Mac version.

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Re: Switch to Mac

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And there is no Mac version.
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Re: Switch to Mac

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Is Wine an evolution of a Windows emulator program that ran over Linux? If so, you will save yourself many hours of fussing with problems like this one by using one of the virtual machine programs that come much closer to treating both the Mac OS and Windows as equals on a Mac computer.

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