PWP 5.0 Raw conversion...

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PWP 5.0 Raw conversion...

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Is it OK to still ask a question about PWP 5.0? :-) I just got a new camera (Sony SLT-A65) and when I try to process RAW (.ARW) files from it, they have a blue tint and very little color. I have tried converting them to DNG files, and PWP seems to be able to process those correctly. Why would the DNG files work, but the original RAW files not? Anything I can do?

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Re: PWP 5.0 Raw conversion...

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The raw format is different for each camera model. The last PWP 5.0 upgrade predates the Sony SLT A65 and so this camera is not supported by PWP 5.0. For raw support for this camera and others released in the last year or so, you need to upgrade to PWP 6.0.

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