Composite revisited

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Composite revisited

Post by davidh »

1. Composite - New mask - Choose Oval gradient
2. Draw an oval outline in the black preview screen
3. Click Ov button (Display Overlay Image) to see the image and better reposition the mask outline over the input -> the outline disappears leaving only the central nod
4. Click In button (Display Input Image) to display the gradient -> the outline reappears

This way the outline cannot be modified over the overlay image

And there is a problem when you zoom image with Display Overlay Image button ON -> only the image zooms not the outline
Switch to Display Input Image - the gradient image has the correct size and zooms in proportions to the outline
Switch again to Display Overlay Image -> the gradient outline retains the new size but the image is unchanged and out of proportions.

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Re: Composite revisited

Post by jsachs »

The mask behavior is normal. The Amount Mask applies to the input image -- the Overlay Amount Mask, if any, is shown on the overlay image. This is really the only thing that makes sense since the two images can be different sizes.

I am currently working on the other issue you raised.
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