Update Available - Version 8.0.214

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Update Available - Version 8.0.214

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An update is available to Version 8.0.214 (2-May-2021)

The changes (taken from the update log) are:

Fixed problem with crash when painting of cloning with a large brush on a very small image.

Shift-click on Zoom to Fit buttons now zooms to fit, regardless of the image size. Regular click on Zoom to Fit buttons as before zooms to fit, but not beyond 1:1.

Tint: fixed several problems, some of which caused crashing in certain cases with 16-bit gray or color images. Added a section to Transformations.pdf with examples of using Tint to make subtle changes to the look of color images.

Added to Focus Stacking.pdf document.

Rewrote Mask Pinhole Tool – the old version was not working correctly most of the time.
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