Readout Tool and 'docking'

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Readout Tool and 'docking'

Post by tomczak »

There is nothing wrong with the Readout Tool. When you probe the area of the image, the display follows the probe. In most cases it is great, but, in some cases I wished that the Readout Tool wouldn't move with the cursor - just stayed docked somewhere, so that I can just look at the values being changed without having to trace the moving window. Could that become an option, without too much trouble - i.e. would it be doable to have an option of the Readout Tool display panel to stay put?
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Re: Readout Tool and 'docking'

Post by jsachs »

Add this as a Settings menu item for next release.
Jonathan Sachs
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Re: Readout Tool and 'docking'

Post by pierrelabreche »

Very nice !
It is much appreciated.

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