Mask - using Wacom pen

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Mask - using Wacom pen

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Composite two images, with a mask.

Initially used mouse to control Paint tool (with similar pixels) to add mask areas.

Zoomed in and attempted to use Freehand (and Subtract) with Wacom pen for finer control, to remove some small portions of mask.

Used mouse to choose Freehand and Subtract buttons, then, leaving cursor in image area, changed to pen. Was able to control cursor movement by hovering pen over pad but when touched down to draw, cursor disappeared from image area and appeared way over to the left. Actually left main monitor and appeared on secondary monitor (physically placed to left of main). Worked correctly if only used mouse to do same operation.

Not a big deal as, each time, cursor eventually returned to proper location, but thought you would like to know. Seems to be a bit of a disconnect.


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