Update Available - Version 8.0.201

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Update Available - Version 8.0.201

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An update is available to Version 8.0.201 (28-Feb-2021)

The changes (taken from the update log) are:

Modified RGB Cube and Color/Lookup slightly to support 1-D lookup tables that have a size other than 256.

Checkerboard – Cell Size can now be set to 1 as long as the number of columns and rows are both greater than 1.

Fixed minor display issues causing the top row of pixels in an image not to be displayed in the main image area or in thumbnails. Also fixed some related alignment issues between image and screen coordinate systems.

Readout tool on left button up now returns to the last place you dragged it to – if it has not been dragged, it returns to the upper left corner of the main image area. Previously it always returned to the upper left corner of the main image area. Fixed issues with dragging readout window to a second monitor.

Scratch Removal: fixed some memory leaks.
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