Mask Feathering

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Mask Feathering

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Is there a way to apply a feather to a mask, relative to the mask dimension?

I have an image which has multiple light rays emanating from a point, out across shadows. I wish to add some brightening to some of the rays, so tried to use the polygon mask tool to first outline the interior of the ray, then add feathering, to feather the mask out towards the edges of the ray. However, because the rays are narrower towards the source, the same feather amount will not work for the length of the ray (ie it will "overshoot" at the narrower end if I feather it for the wide end, and undershoot if I feather it for the narrow end).

I should also mention, this is on a flat surface (ie not from the sun), and the rays are more blurred the farther from the source.

I can't seem to build a mask in the conventional way (curves or fill etc), because the rays cross shadows of various densities. At least I can't figure out how to do it that way.


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Re: Mask Feathering

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While there is no mask tool that can do this, you can use one of the Gradient transformations (Gradient/Sweep) to create the mask as a black and white image. Or you can use Sweep Gradient by itself to lighten or darken the image.
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