Update Available - Version 8.0.197

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Update Available - Version 8.0.197

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An update is available to Version 8.0.197 (15-Feb-2021)

The changes (taken from the update log) are:

Composite: fixed several problems with typing number keys to position to alignment points and changed the way it works slightly. The first click of a number key simply centers the display on the alignment point. Subsequent clicks of the same number key zoom in and re-center. The regular zoom out button in the main image area zooms out.

Color Line Control: fixed problems with By Luminance command in Settings menu.

Upgraded to latest lcms 2.12 maintenance release.

Fixed crash in some cases when using freehand tools at or outside the edge of the output image.

The caption of the Mask dialog box, if the mask was created starting with some other image or mask, now includes the name of the initial image. This gives you a way to tell, after the fact, which image (if any) was originally used to initialize the mask.
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