Finding the mask name

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Finding the mask name

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I created multiple masks, some of which are similar, using the masks transform. I then used one in the
brightness curve command. A bit later, I wanted to tweak the mask, but when I opened the brightness
curve transform, I could see a tiny mask image, but there was no way to find which exact mask it was.

Would it be possible to show the mask name when you hover over the small image?


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Re: Finding the mask name

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Technically, when you select a mask from the Masks transformation, the mask image you get is just a starting point which you can then modify using the Mask dialog box, so the mask is not really identified by its name. Given this, it may make more sense to have something in the caption of the Mask Dialog that identifies the name of the starting mask, if any.

It was a little trickier getting this to work than I expected, but for the next release, the name of the image or mask, if any, which formed the starting point for a mask is displayed in the caption of the Mask dialog box. This gives you a way to tell after the fact which image or mask was selected as a starting point when you created a new mask.
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