Update Available - Version 8.0.195

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Update Available - Version 8.0.195

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An update is available to Version 8.0.195 (31-Jan-2021)

The changes (taken from the update log) are:

Edit/Paste Image from Clipboard and Edit/Drop Image from Clipboard: fixed main menu graying problems.

Right clicking on an image in the main image area (or, if in split screen mode, on the image in the right half of the main image area), now brings up a new popup menu. Previously it was the same menu as right clicking on a thumbnail in the image browser. The new menu includes: Image Info, Display Full Screen, Zoom to 1:1, Zoom to Fit, Save As, Export, Copy to Clipboard, and Print.

Minor adjustments to user interface element spacing for consistency.

Updated to ExifTool 12.16.
Jonathan Sachs
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