Levels and Colour

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Levels and Colour

Post by Marpel »

Just wanting to make sure I understand this.

An image (of long exposure water/rocks) with a histogram that is predominantly center oriented, with a couple spikes that show on either side (with expansion factor of 5) of that center portion.

Opening Levels and Colour, the dynamic range shows 13.3 and 90.2.

If I click "OK" without touching the pointers, the histogram shows no change, with the same spikes evident.

If I move, even slightly, the shadow pointer, then click "OK", the histogram loses the spikes on the right side in the highlights.

From a previous explanation by Jonathan, I understand why a histogram would lose the spikes after use of Levels and Colour, so I've got that, but am curious why the spikes did not disappear in the first instance when I clicked "OK". I'm presuming that, even though I ran the image through Levels and Colours and generated a new image by clicking "OK", the histogram won't change unless an actual movement of either slider is made. Correct?


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Re: Levels and Colour

Post by jsachs »

Actually, there is a bug there -- the image when you don't change any settings may be slightly incorrect in some cases. Fixed for next release.
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