Check for update error???

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Re: Check for update error???

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OK, I closed my Chrome browser and then restarted it and opened the update log again and got the same old version. BUT WHEN I REFRESHED THE DISPLAYED LOG PAGE, it displayed the new current version (Oct 20). So all is well. But I learned something new. I don't recall ever seeing anything like this before.


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Re: Check for update error???

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This can easily happen when a web page is updated just after you looked at it. After some time has elapsed, old files in the cache are eventually cleared out automatically, so unless you access a web page just before and just after it has been updated, you are unlikely to see this. As someone who uploads and tests web pages a lot, I see it all the time.

I did just add something to the HTML in the Downloads page that should prevent caching, hopefully it will prevent this problem from showing up again.
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Re: Check for update error???

Post by Charles2 »

jsachs wrote:
October 20th, 2019, 6:21 pm
... you are probably seeing a cached copy of a previous version. This is a really annoying "optimization" that web browsers implement to avoid downloading the same file over and over again. Sometimes reloading the web page fixes it.
Yes. In Firefox, F5 is a "normal" refresh and might not fix such a problem. Ctrl-F5 is a more thorough refresh and will fix such problems more often.