Ordering Information

Once your order is processed, your shipping tracking number and software serial number will be e-mailed to you. You will be prompted for the serial number when you first run the software. Please keep your serial number backed up in a safe location as you will need it to re-install Profile Mechanic or to upgrade to a newer version.

Profile Mechanic online orders are processed for us by BMT Micro and will appear under that name on your credit card bill. For order processing issues, their phone number is 800-414-4268. (Please do not call BMT Micro for product support.)


Profile Mechanic - Monitor
(for Windows 98/ME, Windows 2000/XP & Mac OS 9.2 or later & OS/X 10.2 or later)

A complete system for accurately calibrating your LCD or CRT monitor. It includes a colorimeter to measure the actual output of your display, adapters for LCD and CRT monitors, custom software for calculating and displaying the profile and full documentation.

• Calibrates both LCD and CRT monitors
• On-screen instructions for ease of use
• Choice of target white point and gamma settings
• Aids for setting monitor contrast, brightness, and color controls
• CLUT loader for loading lookup tables at start-up (Windows only)
• In-depth documentation for Windows and Macintosh


Profile Mechanic - Scanner
(for Windows 98/ME, Windows 2000/XP & Mac OS 9.2 or later & OS/X 10.2 or later)

Profile Mechanic - Scanner lets you calibrate scanners and cameras to achieve accurate, repeatable color and improved tonal reproduction, giving you predictable results every time.

Can be used with IT8, HCT, Macbeth ColorChecker and ColorChecker DC targets.

Software and targets are priced individually. For a complete system, order the software item and the target or targets required for the devices you want to calibrate.



Choose from one or more targets:

small target

Flatbed Scanner Target - $19.95
Reflective IT8 target for profiling flatbed scanners.
Overall size: 5" x 7"


target and slides

Flatbed/Film Target Bundle - $79.95

Five targets for profiling film and flatbed scanners. Includes the following targets:

  • IT8 reflective target (same as item above.)
  • IT8 transparency target for Fujichrome Provia/Astia/Sensia.
  • IT8 transparency target for Kodak Ektachrome.
  • IT8 transparency target for Fujichrome Velvia 50.
  • IT8 transparency target for Velvia 100F/Astia 100F.


large target

Camera Target - $39.95
IT8 target designed for profiling digital cameras. Target has an anti-reflection finish and is mounted on a sturdy board.
Overall Size: 8.25" x 11.75" (A4)