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Picture Window Pro 6.0 Updates

Note: The latest release is Picture Window 7.0.

Please see Picture Window 7.0 Updates for current information.

The last PWP 6.0 update is available to registered users only here.

Version 6.0 Update History

PWP 6.0.10 (28 June 2012)

Changes in this release:

  • Raw Converter: The raw converter has been updated to include recently released cameras, including the Fuji xPro1, Nikon D4, D3200, and D800, Olympus E-M5, Panasonic GF-5, Sony NexC3, A37 and A57 and others.
  • Album: Additional enhancements to the text include support for multi-column captions and an option to add caption text to the image's EXIF description. The latter feature is a painless way to update the EXIF as you create an album. Minor bugs in the text feature have also been fixed.
  • Toolbar: If a transformation is already active, clicking on any transformation button in the toolbar now brings the transformation to the top.
  • Rename in Browse Renaming an image in Browse now automatically renames its associated workflow file. (Delete and Copy already acted on the corresponding workflow files.)
  • Scanner Support: Twain DLLs have been updated and are now installed into Windows\System folders following Twain conventions.
  • Transformation Display Issues: Cutting off of transformation edges on some displays has been corrected.
  • GPS: A bug in copying GPS data to the clipboard has been corrected.

PWP 6.0.9 (21 Feb 2012)

Changes in this release:

  • The raw converter has been updated to include recently released cameras, including the Fuji X10, Nikon 1, Samsung NX200 and others.
  • LCMS color management system has been updated to latest version. This includes support for version 4 color profiles. (For such support, you must set your Color Engine to LCMS in File/Color Management Settings.)
  • A luminance option has been added to the Histogram tool.
  • Brushes for painting, masking, cloning and other applications have been made smoother, as discussed on the message board.
  • Some minor problems in the Texture transformation and in Blink have been corrected.
  • Some problems in Album text have been corrected.

PWP 6.0.8 (14 Dec 2011)

Changes in this release:

This is the first full release of PWP 6.0. Thanks to all the beta testers for their efforts in testing the beta and making valuable suggestions for features and improvements. The changes since the last beta include:

  • The Picture Window Manual and all White papers can now be downloaded as a single setup file. They are installed automatically into the Application Data Docs folder. The documentation file is separate from the main application download because most upgrades will not require downloading and installing documentation. Note that the location of the documentation is a change from the past. In past versions of PWP documentation was installed under Program Files.
  • An error in converting the PWP 5 Brightness curv widget to PWP 6 format has been corrected.
  • Problems in running History process while th Browse window was closed has been corrected.

Beta Releases

PWP 6.0.7 (30 Nov 2011)

Changes in this release:

  • Memory usage while running workflows with breakpoints has been reduced considerably. Memory usage no longer goes up with each image, allowing processing any number of images. Use of masks during breakpoint operation has also been improved.
  • A number of rare problems in displaying thumbnails in the workflow window have been corrected.
  • Cancellation of workflows is now more responsive. An option to abort the current transformation in workflow has been added, so the workflow window may be closed (and a PWP session terminated) even if a transformation is open.

PWP 6.0.6 (29 Oct 2011)

Changes in this release:

This release updates the raw converter and improves robustness and cleans up a number of bugs that have been reported over the last several weeks. Thanks to all the testers for reporting them. The fixes include:

  • Calendar background color problem.
  • Extract JPG from Raw in the browser now applies to all selected images.
  • Problems with Color Curve transformation initialization and loading of mask image.
  • Problems in executing workflow when the Save File widget was the only widget in the workflow.
  • Errors in saving jpg images in the workflow.
  • Problems in setting a breakpoint at the Warp widget.
  • Problems in adding multiple periods in the Text transformation.
  • Problems in running workflows which contained breakpoints from the browser or history.

Workflow multitasking is turned off in this release, pending further understanding of several reports of background process crashes related to this feature.

PWP 6.0.5 (05 Oct 2011)

Changes in this release:

This release improves robustness and cleans up a number of bugs that have been reported over the last two weeks. Thanks to all the testers for reporting them. The fixes include:

  • A freeze-up upon launching the workflow window reported by one user.
  • Problems with opening raw files in workflow design mode.
  • The crop widget not resetting correctly between landscape and portrait images.
  • Small patches of black background behind toolbars in the main toolbar and the browser toolbar.

PWP 6.0.4 (21 Sept 2011)

Changes in this release:

  • Workflows now execute substantially faster on multi-core machines -- nearly twice as fast on two-core machines and four times as fast on four-core machines. An option for forcing single threaded operation is available It is useful for wokflows which must be executed in sequence. The option is set from the workflow's File menu.
  • The play window now is independent of the main Picture Window window and can be maximized to full screen. A number of play window bugs have also been fixed.
  • A bug in saving comment edits when an image is saved has been fixed.
  • A bug in the breakpoint feature which caused coments not to be copied to the output image has been fixed.
  • Thumbnails in the workflow window are now automatically sorted whenever nw images are added to the window.

PWP 6.0.3 (07 Aug 2011)

Changes in this release:

  • You can now add one or more breakpoints to the workflow. The breakpoint pauses the workflow at a specified widget and allows you to manually customize its parameters for each particular image.
  • The raw converter has been upgraded to support recently introduced digital cameras.
  • A button for the Composite transformation is now available in the Window/Configure Toolbars function.
  • Open images can now be added to workflows directly. The function is in the image window right-click menu.
  • Delete browseinfo file function has been added to the folder right-click menu in the browser. Deleting the file forces browse to regenerate all the thumbnails in a folder the next time the folder is opened.
  • The preview window for the Chromatic Aberration transformation is now displayed magnified to 1:1 to make adjustment easier.
  • A problem with displaying thumbnails of 48 bit images has been fixed.
  • A bug in locating auxilliary files in the slide show function has been fixed.

PWP 6.0.2 (1 Jun 2011)

Changes in this release:

  • Updates the raw converter to support recently introduced cameras.
  • Holiday definitions used by the Calendar transformation for Austria, Germany and Romania are now available. Thanks to Dieter Mayr for preparing them.
  • Problems with play window play and pause buttons have been corrected.
  • Problems with text block positioning in Album have been corrected.
  • Problems with drop shadow in the Text widget have been corrected.
  • Problems with mask loading in the Color Curves widget have been corrected.

Known issues in this release:

  • The 64 bit version of PWP does not support scanning at this time due to a problem with 64 bit Twain. Scanning is supported normally by the 32 bit version. As a work around, please use the 32 bit version or the scanner's direct interface for scanning until the problem is corrected.

PWP 6.0.1 (25 Apr 2011)

Original release.