Before & After Contest Results

We recently ran a contest for the best set of Before & After images created with Picture Window. The five prize winners and miniatures of some of their images are listed below -- just click on the images to see larger versions. Judging the contest was difficult as there were many excellent entries. Many thanks to all who participated.

Bob Corley

Before     After
Before                                               After

Copyright BCorley

Converted to black & white,
contrast adjusted with histogram function,
vertical tile function to produce mirror image,
mask and blur function to blur tiled image,
mask and tint function to color flower.

Bob Wilkinson

Before     After
Before                               After

Copyright Bob Wilkinson

"A Time That Never Was"

This image has won me several prizes, including a national first prize for digital images from Ritz Camera.
The image was done in PW 1.0 - I wanted to see just how much I could do in PW.
I cut and pasted a reversed image of the left side onto the right side to extend the image,
cloned in more windowsill, cloned out many things, masked the window
frame and lightened the interior (which gives everything a eerie glow)
and increased saturation in leaves outside.

Ken Deitcher

Before     After
Before                                                    After

Copyright Ken Deitcher

Cropped and color balanced.

Doug & Emelyn Barker

Before     After
Before                                                  After

Copyright Doug & Emelyn Barker

Here are the before and after pictures of San Xavier del Bac in Tucson,
Arizona, which we took a couple of years ago. The picture is one which
we always had mixed feelings about because of the perspective. Thanks
to Picture Window we were able to "Warp" it into an acceptable image
and could touch it up even more by removing spots and telephone lines.
The original image was a Kodak Kodachrome slide which we scanned
with an HP Photosmart scanner. Hope you enjoy it.

Mike Cook & Robert Bickel

Red Channel     Green Channel      Blue Channel
Red                                                   Green                                                  Blue

Composite     Detail
Composite                                       Detail

Copyright Mike Cook & Robert Bickel

The three black and white exposures by Robert Bickel of the Veil Nebula
in the first row were taken using red, green, and blue filters.
These three images could not be combined using other image editors due to
complicated distortions between the images that made precise registration impossible.
Mike Cook, using Picture Window Pro's new multi-point alignment was able
to create the high quality composite color image from the three black and whites
shown in the second row, using 30 different alignment points.
The detail in the bottom row shows enlargements of different parts
of the result image as they would come out without using
multi-point alignment (left) and using multi-point alignment (right).