Making Masks
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masking step 5

In this case, I painted only the window panes, leaving the wood crosspieces unmasked. Actually, I also used the Invert button (third from left of the top row of Mask controls) and a smaller Threshold setting to clean up the crosspieces in the window. Note that when using the Paint tool the mask color appears immediately . . . you don’t need to click an “Apply” button (in fact, there is no Apply button, but a larger window appears with Radius, Transparency, Softness, Tracking and Threshold controls). And to really get a precise mask, you can switch between the Paint tool and any of the geometric drawing tools as much as you like, even changing the Add button to a Subtract button if you need to trim away mask areas. When the mask is the way you want it you need to click OK to create the mask image window (or, as mentioned above, you can directly use the mask just created . . . but it’s wise to save your masks until you are sure you don’t need them again).