What’s New in Color Mechanic Pro Version 2.0?  

Native support for Intel Macs

Native support for Intel processors and Photoshop CS3 The Mac version of Color Mechanic Pro now runs under Intel processors without emulation, making it fully compatible with Photoshop CS3. Color Mechanic Pro also still works with PowerPC processors and earlier versions of Photoshop.

Edit Control Point Settings Manually

You can now set RGB/CMYK values explicitly. This allows you to match colors exactly. The function is accessed by right-clicking (Option-click on the Mac) on a control point in a color hexagon and choosing 'Edit Control Point Settings Manually'. Selecting this item displays a new dialog box that lets you enter numeric values for the start color, end color, and brightness change for the selected control point. You can also set either the start or the end color to Photoshop’s foreground or background colors.

Readouts from color hexagons

Passing the cursor over either of the color hexagons now displays the corresponding colors in the RGB (or CMYK) readouts.

Standard version is no longer available

We no longer sell a standard version of Color Mechanic - only the Pro version.